Classic Wooden Potty Chair

Posted by Narmin on May 10, 2011

For the older generation, we were toilet trained using a wooden potty chair. This wooden potty chair comes in multiple colors and can even be personalized! So whether you are looking to bring back some childhood memories or just looking for one of the largest potty chairs on the market, this potty chair could be right for you and your family.

Made of resilient Baltic Birch Wood and easy to clean, this Wooden Potty Chair comes in the natural stain, or 6 beautiful colors.

This Wooden Potty Chair is crafted beautifully, is very traditional and simple. It can be left natural or painted in a selection of beautiful colors.

It can be personalized for you little toddler or not! Check all different kinds of  Personalized Potty Chairs!

The removable plastic chamber pot used in this potty chair is an industry standard size for easy replacement. The chamber slides out from the rear in order to minimize messy complications that could arise during use.

Worried about having to assemble all those pieces? Its not a problem with this potty chair, because it is fully assembled.

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