Potty Training with Trains

Posted by Potty Expert on May 20, 2011

When my son was young, he was crazy about Thomas the Train. He HAD to have his 6 friends everywhere he went (Thomas, Edward, Henry, Gordon, James and Percy)…to the store, bed, bath. So when I started to potty train him, I knew what he wanted..TRAINS! At the time, there was not alot out there, so we had to improvise. I used Thomas wall stickers and put them all over his potty chair and bathroom wall. He loved it! And in his treasure chest, I tried to find as many inexpensive train items I could. (We ended up will a lot of train stickers!)

I know how important having my sons friends around during this time is, that is why I’m excited to show all of the train items for potty training I could find!

At Potty Training Concepts they have:

I can’t believe how many options are out there now! Have your son’s friends with him in this developmental milestone!!

There are even FREE thomas the train potty charts!!!

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