Fear of public restroom

Posted by Potty Expert on June 15, 2011

When you are traveling going potty in a public restroom is going to come up. You should NEVER want to let your young toddler go into the potty without you. Even if the child is a different sex, you need to take them in with you.

If you are afraid of what they will see while they are in the restroom, don’t. You can always cover theirs eyes, but while they are young (under 5) this really should not be an issue.

There are children who might have a fear of public restrooms.



If your child is afraid here are some tips to figuring out what they are afraid of and how to fix it:

  • “Big toilet fear” – Some kids are afraid of using an adult size toilet. If they are afraid about falling in, use a travel potty seat. This is a light weight, portable toilet seat reducer. If they are still afraid, you can easily use a portable travel potty chair. These potty chairs can be set up in a public restroom, or in the back of a SUV. They have their own disposable liners.
  • “Stage freight” – If your child is afraid of other people being in the restroom with them – have them sing songs, talk about other things they like. Try and get them to relax and get comfortable. Most importantly, be patient. This can be scary for them, try to put yourself in their shoes.
  • Using a urinal – If your little guy is afraid of using the urinal, don’t press it. There are urinals you can put in your house to practice with.

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