Why cloth training pants work

Posted by Potty Expert on June 20, 2011

Cloth training pants are what works when potty training toddlers! Here’s why…Potty Training Pants by Potty Patty

  1. If you are using 100% (no waterproofing) you and your child can see and feel the wetness
  2. Cloth training pants are washable and reusable. (In comparison, disposable “training pants” cost $15.99 for 40. Your child will use approximately 10-12 a day, this will give you approximately 3 1/2 weeks supply. )
  3. They are designed to be pulled up and down (like “big kid” underwear)
  4. Cloth training pants have extra absorbency in the middle to help contain accidents

Here is a great video from a mom on one of my favorite brands training pants.

YouTube Preview Image

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