Should I buy a themed potty chair?

Posted by Potty Expert on July 25, 2011

With the economy getting worse, and budgets getting tighter – should you spend alot of money on a themed potty chair?

Well the answer is totally up to you. Do what your budget allows you to, but keep in mind that a potty chair is going to be a short term solution to potty training. They can be a great tool, but don’t bust your wallet at the same time.

Too many distractions?

I have seen some crazy potty chair with toys and lots of noisy distractions. This type of potty chair doesn’t help your child stay focused or comfortable. Would you like to pee on a slot machine? With all the noisy distractions we already do and see today, does your child really need that in the bathroom.

This slot machine potty chair lights up, makes noise, pull the handle and it actually spins the icons and if you win the light sounds off on the top. Talk about crazy!!!


Some themed potty chairs are great, they have your child’s favorite character(s) with  multi-functional accessories and helpful charts with stickers.

Do I have $40 to spend on a potty chair?

These type of potty chairs can be great and helpful to potty train your toddler
but they can be expensive. (You are paying for the licensed character(s).) Still, having Buzz and Woody there just might be the motivator your little man needs to jump on the potty training track.


I found sometimes less is more. I think the Baby Bjorn Potty Chair and the Potty Scotty Potty Chair to be some of the best, simple designed potty chairs on the current market.

Baby Bjorn Potty Chairs are a great investment, with it’s simple and sturdy design it is well known for its longevity and versatility. If you are looking for a potty chair that is ergonomically designed, simple to use and easy to clean. It also is one of the largest potty chairs on the market.

The Potty Scotty Potty Chair is a great one piece design, with no frills. This chair has a smooth, simple, light weight and portable potty that has no edges that will pinch your toddlers tights. It is easy to clean and has a low splash guard.

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