How To Potty Train Boys If You Are A Single Mom

Posted by Potty Expert on October 21, 2011

If you are a single mom and you have a boy, you may be concerned about being able to potty train your son. The good news is that you can still potty train your son and have him potty trained in the same amount of time as any other child. Although it can make it easier to have a man show your son at times how to use the potty, you can still show him how to use the potty too. You can allow him to be there when you use the bathroom.

Boys do not immediately have to be taught to stand at the potty to go pee. It can be much easier for any boy to learn to use the potty sitting down for both pee and poop and when they have mastered that begin showing them how to stand to pee. Also, many boys start out sitting on the potty to pee and naturally progress on their own to standing to pee. So it is nothing that you need to worry about and they will not be missing any milestones if they do not immediately stand to go pee at the potty. ​(For more information on this check out:

There is also the option of using potty dolls to help show your son as well about potty training. These dolls are automatically correct and very easy to use. They come with their own potty seat for the doll to go pee on and your son can always have the doll with him when he uses the bathroom. He can practice with the doll to see that going potty on the toilet is not scary and that it is very easy to do too. Also, potty books for boys and potty DVDs for boys are also great to use, since your son can watch in a DVD other boys his age using the potty or seeing it in a book. These are also great potty training aids to use so he can see what is happening and how it is happening as well.

Furthermore, if you have another son in the home, he can show and let your potty training
son watch him as well. This also works with allowing your son to see a grandfather or uncle use the bathroom too. Your son can visually see what is supposed to happen and that it is nothing to be afraid of. Plus, these are additional people that your son looks up to and will want to be like. So, again watching you or a brother or another male relative is a great way for your son to mimic behavior from someone who he will want to be just like.

No matter how you choose to potty train your son, you can do it even when you are a single mom. You can use all the above methods to help with reinforcing the potty training concepts that you are going over with your son and this will also help make the entire experience a fun and enjoyable one for you and him too.


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