Night Time Potty Training Advice

Posted by Potty Expert on November 22, 2011

Nighttime potty training is very different for many children to learn, since it can be a little harder for them to catch on to. Many children day time potty train fine, but can have accidents at night. This really is not their fault and it is usually because they do not have all the feelings in their body yet to let them know that they have to use the bathroom. So, keep in mind that it is not intentional at all and it can also be very upsetting for children when they do have accidents at night since they are going during the day and not having accidents.

However, there are some things that can be done to make nighttime potty training go much smoother and so that they learn to wake up and use the bathroom too. Keep in mind that even with nighttime potty training, that your daughter still needs to be kept in training pants and not placed back into diapers.

This can be very confusing for a child when they are put back into diapers and it can make them want to start using them again, since they are use to them and they are easier for the child too. So, do keep your daughter in training pants at night even. But, what you can do it get plastic covers to put over the training pants so that if she does have an accident there will be less of a mess to clean up.

The covers go over the training pants and there are also waterproof training pants as well. These still let your child know that she is wet or soiled, without getting everywhere.

You can also have a cover over the bed too. These waterproof mattress pads keep the mattress dry in case of an accident as well. There are also some that come with a potty alarm on them. The alarm goes off and wakes your daughter should she go to the bathroom in the bed.

This is a great way to potty train her, since she is woken up and recognizes that she now needs to go use the bathroom. Along with these types of alarms, there are also potty watches that can be set to wake your daughter to remind her to use the bathroom too. This works very well, since she will be woken, before having an accident and it is also helping to teach her what her body feels like at night when she is sleeping and needs to use the bathroom.

Furthermore, you do want to make sure that she uses the bathroom before going to bed and gets into the habit of doing this. This will help cut down on accidents, as well as teachers her good habits of using the bathroom before bed and first thing in the morning too. There is also the option of cutting back on liquids prior to bed time, so that her bladder is not full when she goes to bed and this also means less chance of an accident too.

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