Ditch the Diapers!

Posted by Potty Expert on November 28, 2011

Every year you will spend roughly $1400 on diapers! By the time your child is 4 years old, you will spend (approx) $5600.

When it comes to potty training many parents and even children want to keep using the diapers. Parents sometimes allow their child to wear a diaper at night, since they have not been nighttime potty trained yet and they do not want any accidents. Or on long car rides or trips to do errands the child is in a diaper so that there will be less chance of an accident happening.

This is especially true when children are first being potty trained and accidents at home are still happening occasionally. They have not fully learned how to potty on the toilet yet and accidents still occur. However, switching between diapers and training pants will only confuse your child.

This is teaching them to do one thing at home and do something else when they are away from. They will get into the habit of believing they only potty at home and should be wearing a diaper everywhere else. The accidents will than not stop when they are out and about for this reason.

Instead you do need to completely ditch the diapers, as well as any Pull Ups. The diapers have to be gone completely when you begin potty training.

  • Have your child in waterproof cloth training pants or place a waterproof cover over the cloth training pants. This is even at night as well. They can not learn to wake up to go potty at night if they never feel that they are wet or soiled. If there is nothing to wake them up, they will continue to go in the diaper instead. Most children will need a few months after mastering day potty training to be able to complete night time potty training. This is for many reasons, mainly because their bodies are not fully use to holding urine. For more information, please check out Night Time Potty Training.

Not to mention the fact too that keeping diapers around will mean your child will want to use those instead. It is what they are use to and they are easy as well.

They do not have to put any effort into it or stop what they are doing. People will naturally pick the easier route and going in a diaper is the same for your child.

Instead let your child know that you will be potty training with them and that the diapers will be gone. Let them know what the start date will be for potty training so that they are prepared and make sure they understand that there will be no diapers at all any more.

For more information, please check out this great article: How to Potty Train a Toddler. This article has great potty training tips and advice on how to begin. Potty Training will be successful if you are determined to ditch the diapers and teach your child the right way (not always the easy way).


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