What to do when your daughter won’t poop in the potty!

Posted by Potty Expert on November 30, 2011

It is not uncommon to have a child that does not want to poop on the potty. This can be a very scary experience for a girl and there can different reasons as to why she will not go poop on the potty, but will pee.

The most common reason for many children is that going poop takes longer than going pee. She does have to sit there longer to go poop and it can be a little messy even and it does not always smell very good. This can be a huge deterrent for many girls. However, make sure that you are not saying that it is gross or yucky or smelly.

This will make her not want to go and could even make her think that going poop is a bad thing. Instead she needs to know that going poop on the potty is very normal and needs to happen too and that it is okay that it smells or that she has to wipe a few times to be clean.

Girls will sometimes also not poop in potty if the bathroom seems scary or the toilet is too big. If she is pooping on the big toilet with a potty seat on top, this may be too big for her and it can make her feel uncomfortable or scared when going.

Using a potty chair if possible to go poop may be a better choice until she is used to going poop on the potty and feels secure when doing it. She also may be scared having to be in the bathroom alone and trying to go poop. Keeping the door open or being in there with her can help with this as well.

However, if she does not want you in there, you can always stand outside the door when she goes so she knows you are there and that she is safe when going.

Another reason your daughter may not want to poop on the potty is that it hurts. If she is constipated and it is really hard for her to go or she is having diarrhea even, this will make her not want to poop and to hold her poop instead.

However, this can cause other serious medical problems when children hold their poop, so you want to look into what she is eating, make sure there are no food allergies there or if she has been taking medications for any reason that these are not the reason that she is having problems going poop on the potty.

The harder it is to go, the less likely she will want to. If she is crying and there is a lot of pain associated with going poop than you may also want to take her to her pediatrician to make sure about giving her a child laxative to go or what foods can be used to make going poop easier. The sooner you take care of this the better, since again this can lead to other medical problems when she is holding her poop.

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