Ideas On How To Model Potty Train

Posted by Potty Expert on December 12, 2011

Model potty training is the idea of using a model of some sort to teach your child how to potty train. Modeling behavior is commonly used in school for instance, when teachers show an example of the behavior they want the children in the classroom to replicate. Essentially it is teaching a child by first starting with having them mimic the behavior they are seeing. This can be a very good technique to use when potty training, especially with children that are a little over a year old that are beginning to learn. Using a role model to teach potty training can be very effective, since they can visually see what is suppose to happen and then they need to do that themselves.

There are three methods of model potty training that can be used. These can be used individually or together, depending on your child and how they learn and what they respond too. There is using a physical model to teach your child, using potty training books and videos to teach your child to potty train and there is also using a doll to model potty train too. Again, it does not hurt to use all three models, since they are than being reinforced to learn the behavior in multiple fun ways that keeps the potty training interesting too. ​​​​

When it comes to physical potty training, it will not make any difference if a child is a boy or girl, they can still watch their mommy and daddy use the potty or even their siblings and other children use the potty too. This is the most effective use of model potty training to use, by allowing your child to be in the bathroom when someone else or yourself is going, means they can see what happens. This is also a great way for them to see that there is nothing to be scared of when going potty too and may get them interested in using the potty themselves, since using the sink and flushing the toilet are activities that children do enjoy doing.

There is also using books and videos to teach potty training too. These are wonderful tools, since they can be taken everywhere with the child and it is a good reference for them to go back to regularly too. You can use it as a way to show what potty training is, what is suppose to happen and it opens the door to discussing with your child their body and their bodily functions as well. Books and videos work very well, since they have images and pictures that show each step of the potty training process and the process of using the potty from beginning to end. Also, many books and videos have songs and rhythms in them that children remember and it is a way for them to visually understand potty training, as well as relate the potty training to songs that they remember too, that can remind them of what to do while on the potty.

Lastly, there is the method of using potty training dolls to model potty train. A doll can help a child to practice potty training on the doll’s potty seat, as well as understanding how liquids turn into pee. The dolls are comfort items as well, that show a child what to do and they can help the doll to go pee on the potty. ​


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