Tips On Helping Toddlers Get Interested In Potty Training

Posted by Potty Expert on December 13, 2011

Some children have no interest in potty training. Many children will choose to hold their pee or poo, never say anything when they have to go or have gone and completely resist using the potty chair. This is not an uncommon problem for many parents to face. However, you do not want to continue to buy diapers forever and have the potty chair you bought continue to go on unused.

However, there are ways to get a child interested in using the potty. Potty training later on may be completely normal for your child, since they may have walked later too or spoke later and this is just how they develop. There is nothing wrong with this, since many times the muscles and nerves in the body that tell a child that they need to use the potty may have not completely developed yet. This means that they do not have the feelings there to go to the bathroom or to feel like they need to go to the bathroom. The average age for potty training is 3 years old and if you are still struggling at this point, you may want to talk with your child’s doctor, as well as:

Take into consideration that there could be a medical reason, such as constipation. This can be painful and your child may not want to go if that is what is happening. There is also the fact that eating certain foods can make the bowl movements painful, since they can burn when coming out too. There will an area that is raw and ring around the anus if they are allergic to certain foods.

Look into what else if happening in your child’s life that they may not want to potty train. Such as, are they resistant to doing anything new? Is there added stress in the family that is happening? Have them been angry or upset about anything that would inhibit them from using the potty? It may be necessary to take a step back or back off for a bit until some of these issues have passed.

Make sure to be using a reward system when potty training. Every time your child is successful and goes potty on the toilet, they receive the reward. Stickers work very well for a child to collect and then after they have X number of stickers, they receive a special treat. Other rewards can be used too, such as treasure boxes or places coins in a jar when your child goes potty on the toilet.

If you still have diapers, get rid of them. This could be inhibiting your child from going on the potty since they are going to do what they know and what they are used to, as well as what is easiest. Get rid of the diapers and switch to cloth training pants that are waterproof or have plastic covers to go over them. This can also include allowing your child to run around with no bottoms on outside or even in the house too. This helps to teach responsibility for their body.

Ensure their is also a routine in the house when toilet training. Make sure there is a set schedule for when your child should be going to the bathroom, as well as allowing your child to help clean up any accidents that occur too. This can include cleaning themselves and any messes that were made when they did not make it to the bathroom in time. This may be enough to get them to go on the potty since they will get tired of doing this. ​​


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