How To Set A Potty Training Routine

Posted by Potty Expert on December 21, 2011

If you are beginning to potty train or already have been, you may be looking to set up a potty training routine to put your child on a schedule of when to go, so they get used to using the bathroom and to help them remember to go as well.

Routines can work great, especially for children that are very routine orientated and like to have a set schedule. To set up a potty training routine, there are a few things you will want to do, which are:

  • Watch to see when your child goes to the bathroom. Most children have to go to the bathroom first thing in the morning when they wake up, however when else do they go? Are they going when they are taking a nap or do they not pee or poop than? Watching your child will give you a better idea of when they need to be taken to the potty to set up the regular schedule for them.
  • Stay on schedule when it comes to eating breakfast, lunch and dinner. If you eat at the same times everyday, your child will most likely need to use the bathroom afterwards at the same time everyday too. This will help keep them on a routine and keep them consistent also.
  • This includes giving snacks at the same time as well. Again, this will help them to go after the snack has been finished.
  • Have your child change their training pants every morning just like regular underwear to develop good hygiene habits, as well as if they have had an accident, they can help to clean it up. Then have them go to the potty again first thing in the morning.
  • They should use the potty as well right before they go to bed too to help reduce the chances of an accident happening.
  • Make sure that you have potty rewards ready for them when they do go, so they always receive their reward for going and it is a consistent routine to go potty, than receive the reward.
  • If you are using a potty chair that needs to be emptied after each use, than make sure that this happens as well. Have your child help you empty it into the toilet and than wash their hands afterwards. You would never want to leave that sitting anyway and again sticking to the same pattern helps to develop the routine and the habit of using the potty too.

In the beginning of potty training and setting the routine, your child may not remember or may not like it, since they are learning something new. However, you need to continue to follow the same routine everyday that you have set up, regardless of how your child’s attitude or behavior is about it. This ensures that you are staying consistent and this will help them get on the potty training routine as well.


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