Potty Training Twin Of Different Sexes

Posted by Potty Expert on December 26, 2011

If you have twins that are opposite sexes, you can still start the potty training and have them potty trained around the same time. Potty training twins is very similar to potty training individual children, the only difference being that you may be spending a little more time in the bathroom with twins, since you will be taking each of them there.

However, having twins has the advantage of your children being able to learn together and reinforce the potty training with each other. They can learn from each other, especially if one twin is catching on faster than the other, which can happen.

Each child is different, even when it comes to potty training and twins are no different that respect. One may catch on faster, however this does not mean you should become frustrated or upset by this.

Each child will still learn at their own pace, however with another child there learning with them there is a better chance that they will want to go, since their sibling is going too.

  • You want to make sure that each child has their own potty chair and that your son also has a potty urinal too. Making sure that they both can use the potty when they need to is so important. You do not want them fighting over the potty or having to wait for one another to use the potty. You never want them to have to hold their potty, this could discourage them, especially when they need to go and set you back. Instead have a potty chair that is specifically for each of them and that has their name on it too. This lets them know that this is their special place to use the potty and all theirs, that they do not need to share this item.
  • Having a potty urinal for your son will mean being able to get him to stand up to pee much sooner, as well as cause less messes to clean up around the toilet, which a girl may not be happy this.
  • You will also want to make sure that they both have their own potty training dolls, potty charts, potty stickers and potty rewards too.
  • You can have them sharing a potty chart to keep track of their progress and the potty stickers and chart should be something that each child chooses and that they like. There are plenty that comes in styles that are great for boys and girls and these are great reward methods, as well as a great way for children to visually see the progress they are making.

Lastly, make sure that you do create a potty schedule with twins. You do not want to be running back and forth to the bathroom throughout the day. Instead, having a schedule that both children go to the bathroom at the same time will make the potty training much easier, especially in the beginning when they are first learning.

This will also be a way to encourage your children to go and they have each others support while they are in the bathroom. It also eliminates the number of times you will be emptying and cleaning the potty chairs too.


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