Is Baby/Infant Potty Training Right For Me?

Posted by Potty Expert on December 27, 2011

Baby or infant potty training can be very effective and many parents have their baby potty trained before they are a year old. This can be a great advantage to many parents that need to go back to work after having a child, since it will cut back on the day care expense and the expense of buying diapers and baby wipes all the time.

The advantages and disadvantages of baby or infant potty training are:


  • Your child is potty trained sooner, eliminating the need for diapers and baby wipes and that added expense.
  • It is less expensive if a child is going to day care or a care givers house, since you will not have to pay for the diapers and baby wipes or the sure charge there is for having a child that needs to be changed by the day care or care giver.
  • There are less messes for you to clean up, giving you more time throughout the day to do other things and take care of your child.
  • It is easier to take your child places when they are potty trained this young, since there is less to bring and carrying around with you.
  • They have already mastered a major milestone easily on, which being able to spend more time on other important childhood milestones.


  • It does take some time and can be very time consuming at first.
  • You will spend a lot of time watching your child to determine when they have to go so you can get them there.
  • You will spend a lot of time in the bathroom, since your child cannot get themselves to the bathroom.
  • There is no way to verbally communicate, so you may be using facial expressions and hand language to communicate with your child.
  • It may be messy at first, especially times when you get your child to the bathroom and just as you are putting them on the toilet, they go, maybe missing the toilet.
  • It takes many more trips to the bathroom to teach them to use the toilet, since they are much younger.
  • You will need to get up at night to take them to the toilet too so they can go.

Depending on your situation, baby or infant potty training will work for you. If they are an only child this may be the perfect solution, since you can fully concentrate on them and getting them potty trained. However, it can work for parents with multiple children too, since having your child potty trained will make taking care of all your children easier.

It will depend on how much time you have and if you have the patient to take your child to the bathroom regularly throughout the day to help teach them to go. You will have to be very consistent and stay very calm when doing baby potty training.


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