Tips on Potty Training Boys

Posted by Potty Expert on December 28, 2011

You may have heard that potty training boys is so much more difficult that potty training girls. This is not necessarily true and the biggest difference is that boys stand to pee and sit to poop. Which means teaching one and than the other later on.

However, other than that, boys all learn at different speeds, just like girls do, there is no rule to this.

So, here are some tips on potty training boys.

  • Let your son decide if he wants to sit or stand initially. Your son should do whatever he is comfortable with in the beginning. He mainly want him to go, so sitting is fine and many times easier for boys, since reaching the toilet may difficult, as well as aiming. Your son can always stand later when he wants too. You can also have a potty chair and a potty seat so he can decide what to do.
  • Potty training your boy can be made easier if he has his daddy or brother or any other male show him what is suppose to happen, just by watching. Allowing your son to see what other boys do will go a long way when it comes to potty training.
  • Use toilet targets if your son is beginning to stand to pee. These are fun and there is an array of choices to use. There are some that are thrown in the water and dissolve when your child is able to pee on it, as well as others that are placed in the bottom of the toilet and change colors or images when your child pees on it too. This is than more of a game when your son goes potty and he does not even realize he is learning how to aim into the toilet.
  • Allow your son to go bottomless when at home or in the backyard. This is a great way for them to recognize their bodily emotions, since most children do not want to have an accident. However, do remind them to go to the potty regularly, so there are no accidents, but it does make it easier for them to go, since there is no clothing to take off.
  • Make sure to have a reward system in place for when your child uses the potty correctly. They can receive stickers, small toys or anything else that they respond to for doing a job well done.
  • Cut back on how much your child is drinking at night, so there will be less of a chance of an accident happening. Mainly this is because children need to master daytime potty training, before they can master nighttime potty training. Trying to do both at the same time can be overwhelming to a boy.
  • Always bring a portable potty or potty seat with, so that no matter where you and your son are at, he always feels comfortable to go to the bathroom. There are disposable potties, as well as inflatable ones and the traditional fold up potty seat too. You want to make sure that you are consistent when potty training a boy and having a portable potty with means that this can happen.
  • Begin using underwear occasionally when your son is staying dry for long periods of time. This is a reward for staying dry and not having accidents, as well as a way to help encourage your son to go, so that he does not go in his favorite character underwear too. ​​​​​


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