How To Use Sign Language To Help Potty Train

Posted by Potty Expert on January 2, 2012

Sign language can be used with younger children, especially when as a parent we are eager to get our children out of the diapers and potty trained. Sign language to teach potty training and other skills was created over 20 years ago to use with babies.

The sign language can be used for babies and toddlers too, since many children are and can start potty training as young as one years old to eighteen months old. Using sign language is a great way to communicate with a child that cannot speak what they need or want. It can be used so that they child can let you know that they need to use the bathroom and you can help get them there.

Furthermore, teaching potty training before a child has turned two is easier many times as well, since prior to two, children are not as stubborn and more likely to follow commands and directions. There is less resistance when they are younger when it comes to learning new things and being taught how to do something.

Five simple signs that can be used when potty training your child will work by the time they are one year old at the most.

These signs include:

  • When you change your child, make your hands into fists and shake your fists up and down or back and forth every time a diaper change happens. Show your child to use the same sign when they need to use the potty too.
  • To teach a child the sign of more, begin with tapping your fingertips together when your child wants more of something. Show your child that tapping their fingers together means more, by them receiving more of what they wanted. Later, convert that to tapping their fingers together when they still need to pee or poop on the potty while going.
  • Teach the sign all done, by sweeping your arms down by your side when your child has finished eating or drinking something. Show this sign to your child when you are finished doing something as well. Later, convert this to having your child sweep their arms by their side when they are done using the potty and going to the bathroom.
  • The washing hands sign is to put one hand over the fist of the other. This can be shown when your child is done eating, by using this sign after meals and snacks. As well as you use it to when you are getting ready to wash your hands as well. When your child is using the potty, use the sign to remind your child to wash their hands when they are done going to the bathroom.

These signs can be used, as well as if there are already signs that you use in your own home, they can be used when potty training too.


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