Child Keeps Holding Their Urine

Posted by Potty Expert on January 3, 2012

Many parents go through the problem of a child holding their pee, you are not alone.

The child at first is very respective to using their potty chair or potty seat and then suddenly something changes and they no longer will go on the potty. This is normal, although not a good thing to have happen, when a child is holding their pee, since this can cause other problems as well as mean that accidents are more likely to happen.

Many times a child will regress and you need to look at what else has happened or is happening that is causing them to regress and not use the potty any longer, as well as hold their potty too.

Some things to consider are:

  • Is there a medical condition? This can be something as simple as a yeast infection or bladder infection. If they have become to hold their potty, these conditions can also be created by doing this too. A yeast or bladder infection can cause painful urination that is very uncomfortable. This can make a child not want to use the potty, since it hurts every time they go and they only go when they cannot hold it any longer. Holding their potty again can cause these conditions too. You may want to take your child in to make sure that nothing like this is happening, as well as checking to make sure that they have not stayed in wet underwear or that their underwear is too tight. These two conditions can cause yeast infections, even in boys when they are younger. You also want to make sure that they are wiping properly and helping them with this too. Bacteria can get into areas, especially in girls, that it shouldn’t causing an infection and painful urination also. Make sure that they are wiping from behind and front to back to cut down on the chances of an infection happening.
  • Has there been any negative behavior that has happened that has been associated with the potty? Have they had an accident and you became upset at them, thus making them nervous to go on the potty because they do not want to make a mistake.
  • Major events Sometime major events such as new baby, divorce, separation, or loss of a friend or loved one can be completely devastating for a child. These major events can have the child either regress or cause the child to need to get control of something in their life. Regressing can sometimes be a sign of deep fears, loss of control or major changes in their lives.
  • Is he Confused? If your child is standing up and then peeing, this could be that there is confusion with their own bodily functions. They may not have all the feelings in their body yet, to know when they have to go and when they sit down, these feelings are dampened further. This is the opposite of what usually happens when we sit down to pee, however it is not uncommon for a child to have mixed signals. In this case, it may be okay to let them go with no bottoms on or let them pee in the shower even, to ensure that they go when they are standing up.

There are many reasons or issues that can cause this behavior in kids, and trying to figure them out can lead many parents to feel frustrated. Remember the more frustrated and upset you are, the more your child feels it and will refuse to comply.

As a last result, you may consider letting your child go back into diapers. This will temporarily elevate the pressure on your child, and give you the time to figure out what is going on.


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