Do I Keep Potty Training Even When My Child Is Sick?

Posted by Potty Expert on January 4, 2012

If your child isn't feeling good, just take a break potty training.

If you are potty training and your child is going through a stressful time, they may not want to potty train any longer during this period. Stress can come in a number of ways for a child, whether it is because they are sick, a pet has passed away, a baby is being born, their has a been a separation or divorce or even moving to a new home, the stress this can cause them many times will result in your child not wanting to use the potty.

The stress can cause their body not to recognize when they need to use the bathroom too, so sometimes stress can get in the way of potty training too. So in this case, being that your child is sick there are a couple of options to use when this happens while they are being potty trained.

  • You can go back to a regular diaper temporarily. This has to be made clear to the child that the diaper is only temporary due to the fact that they are sick. You will need to let your child know that they will be going back to using the potty when they are feeling better. This can be an option to use when they are needing a lot of bed rest while sick and they are sleeping a lot and won’t necessarily feel when they have to use the bathroom.
  • There is also the option of using waterproof training pants too. If your child has been using underwear during the day while potty training, going back to the training pants may be the first step before going back to regular diapers. These are available in a waterproof design or a plastic cover can be put over them. This allows your child to still feel when they are wet, without soiling their sheets too. This could work for a child that is sick, but necessarily bed ridden. If your child is still moving around, than the training pants can work so that they can still tell you that they have to use the potty once they feel they feel they have become wet a few times.

No matter what you decide, you will need to stay very calm and positive at this time. They cannot be in trouble for having accidents, even if they had not been having them before. This is probably making them feel bad too, especially since they are sick also. So, keep in mind that having to go back to training pants or a regular diaper during their illness is not a sign that potty training has stopped, just that it needs to be put on hold while they are getting better.

You want them to retain the potty training you are teaching and if they are sick, they may not remember a lot of what you are teaching them.


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