Abilene (from The Help) on Potty Training

Posted by Potty Expert on January 12, 2012

In 2011 best selling book and movie, The Help, Abilene attempts to show Mae how to use the potty. Mae Mobley wants to see Abilene go first, and Mae Mobley shakes her head and says “You go” to Abilene.

And so what does Aibileen do? Well she takes the toddler out to her special bathroom and, “I take down my underthings and I tee-tee real fast, use the paper and get it all back on before she can really see anything. Then I flush.”

This is a revelation to Mae Mobley. The kid’s got her mouth hanging open “like she done seen a miracle.” Before Aibileen can spell tee-tee, the kid’s got her diaper off and is using the colored toilet.

Aibileen is so proud of her that she gives Mae two cookies when they return to the house.

That sets off this just too cute for words exchange:

“What Baby Girl do today?”

She say, “Tee-tee.”

Even though most toddlers don’t typically ask adults to show them how to go potty, the concept of showing a toddler by example is a great idea.

Take your child into the bathroom, talk to them, explain why and how you go potty. Once your child sees you go a few times, buy them a potty chair and let them sit and practice going at the same time.

(More information about The Help and this complete article can be found at: http://acriticalreviewofthehelp.wordpress.com/chapter-reviews-from-the-help/chapter-seven/. )

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