Rebecca Romijn on Potty Training Twins

Posted by Potty Expert on January 17, 2012

YouTube Preview ImageRebecca Romijn was on The Talk recently and talked about potty training twin 2 year old girls Dolly and Charlie.

“I’m doing something that I shouldn’t be doing, which is bribing them with M&M’s. But it’s do or die at this point! I’m like, ‘If you go pee pee on the potty, you get an M&M,’ and they keep going, ‘On a plate?’ So every time they go I get the biggest plate I can find [and] put one M&M in the middle of it.”

Children always respond to praise. If you want your child to perform a particular task, give them a hug, kiss, or word of encouragement, and she will likely do what you ask.

Potty training can be greatly improved if your child is rewarded for using the potty.

However, be cautious when rewarding a young child when they use the potty because she may not yet be ready or able to go on command.

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