About Us

Potty Training Online is a community of parents.  We blog, we chat, we learn, we shop, we have some fun!

Our online community allows parents to come and get "real" help with potty training.  Not only can they read useful articles and information on potty training in general or on specific potty training problems they are having, but to visit with other parent who are in the same situation as they are currently in.

They will also find information on potty training products  – new products, product guides and product reviews.  And since we all love a good sale and/or coupons, we have a list of coupon codes and discounts just for you.

We’re also a community – this site is a collective of the works of many Mom writers, members and columnists who make this site what it is. Without our members, our readers and our writers, this site would not be the success that it is – and for that, we thank you.

We invite you to join our community too — we hope you’ll feel right at home here, as we have come to.

If you have any questions, feel free to send us yours through our contact form. Chat soon!